Time Trembles Inside

Installation Mittelrhein Museum Koblenz, 1988.



10 lamos, 10 bars, 4 slabs of slate, 2 reading lamps, sounds of billard balls (endless tape).
Located at the centre of the room is a 220x180x4cm slab of slate.
2 reading lamps cast light on the stones.
Hanging on the walls are 10 bars wich are illuminated by head lamps to create the impression as if the bars are falling into light.
From a continuous tape come the hard sounds of billiard balls which strike each other during a game. Room for nobody and nowhere. For reading and perception-but no exhibitionism. Reading lamps illuminate the illegible, not yet written as well as such items which are never writeable. Slate, free and clean from chalk which is being eventually applied later. Original of the script.
Piles, characters, calling, immaterial casting shadows, drawing material from pure projection. Idea and concept - not an evidence of craft skill (though: also). Magic and disturbance. Acoustic as element of brush and pallet? Great placidness of the player and artist: The sharp and even unobtrusive clicking hard sounds of an imaginary (or at least imaginary at this point) billiard-appropriate and totally inappropiate at the same time as nothing moves in the room, can not, should not. The perfect track of the intended Precision.



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